SPRING/BREAK “Secret” Show

St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral School | Nolita, NYC

37 Prince Street, New York, NY

May 11, 2023, NYC. It was a crisp and sunny day in early spring when art enthusiasts and curious onlookers gathered in the trendy neighborhood of Nolita in New York City. The buzz in the air was palpable as whispers circulated about a secret show that was part of the renowned Spring Break Art Show—an event that had become a staple in the city’s vibrant art scene.

The official exhibition took place in a sprawling venue, showcasing a diverse array of contemporary artworks from both emerging and established artists. However, the true excitement centered around the clandestine gathering tucked away in a discreet location within Nolita.

Rumors spread like wildfire among the attendees, hinting at an exclusive, invite-only experience that promised to push the boundaries of conventional art. A select group of artists, known for their avant-garde and boundary-pushing works, had curated this secret show, creating an intimate and immersive environment for those lucky enough to gain entry.

Dave Alexander’s ceramic “Snapshots” were peppered throughout one of the walls among other artists work. These were part of a two year project he undertook at LIU Post Campus at the urging of artists Frank Olt and Dasha Bazanova. The tiles are extensions of the photographic print through the use of vintage vernacular prints found on eBay. Alexander’s work was mentioned by Rhea Nayyar in her show review published in Hyperallergic, an online arts magazine based in Brooklyn. That review can be read in the link below.

Also one of Alexander’s “pieces”Snapshots’ was mentioned in an ARTnews online article featuring some of their favorite pieces from the show. That article can be found in the link below:

Examples of Dave Alexander’s work in this show are shown below: