Dave Alexander

My work delves into the rich tapestry of vernacular photography, particularly through the lens of found images procured from online marketplaces like eBay. These seemingly ordinary photographs, once discarded or forgotten, become the raw material for my creative exploration.

Utilizing a range of traditional mediums such as encaustic, oil paint, resin, ultra chrome printing, and ceramics, I breathe new life into these curated images, transforming them into multi-layered extensions of their original selves. In doing so, I challenge the notion of what constitutes a photograph, asserting that the act of creation through handcrafted means is as valid as any mechanical reproduction.

At the heart of my practice lies a fascination with the social history encapsulated within these images. Each photograph serves as a window into a era of the commercial print, offering the first in depth selfie of the lives of those who came before us. Through my work, I seek to unravel the narratives embedded within these snapshots of time, shedding light on the complexities of human experience and societal evolution as well as examining our similarities.

By reinterpreting these photographs through alternative mediums, I aim to deepen my understanding of their inherent stories, echoing Barthes’ idea of the “third meaning” – the additional layers of meaning that emerge beyond the denoted and connoted. Through careful curation and thoughtful interpretation, I strive to illuminate the interconnectedness of our collective past, inviting viewers to engage with these images on a deeper, more visceral level.

Moving forward, I envision expanding upon this exploration through the creation of sequences, weaving together individual extensions into larger narratives that reflect the broader social fabric of our shared history. Through this ongoing journey of discovery and reinterpretation, I aim to celebrate the enduring power of the photographic image as a vessel for memory, meaning, and human connection.


2023-24 LABspace HOLIDAY, Hillsdale, NY
2023 SPRING/BREAK “Secret” Art Show, NoLita NYC – curated by Andrew Gori & Ambre Kelly
2023 SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Culver City / LA CA – curated by Andrew Gori & Ambre Kelly
2023 Group Text Art Show, NoMad NYC
2022-23 LABspace HOLIDAY, Hillsdale, NY
2022. SPACE 776 Detachments, LES NYC
2022 SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Madison Ave, NYC – curated by Andrew Gori & Ambre Kelly
2021 SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Madison Ave, NYC
2019-20 M.David & Co. Group Holiday Show, 56 Bogart, Bushwick NYC
2019 SPACE 776 BOS, Central Ave, Bushwick, NYC