SPACE 776 | 37 Clinton St. New York, NY 10002

December 15, 2023 – January 12, 2024

Dave Alexander, Dasha Bazanova, Ellen Letcher, Miriam Carothers, Elena Chestnykh, Emilia Durka     Rafael Fuchs, Sarah Fuhrman, Pat Jackson, Ambre Kelly + Andrew Gori, Morgan Jesse Lappin, Liz-N-Val, Frank Olt + Andy Warhol, James Prez, Yusuke Ochiai, Jeffery Allen Price and MarcusGlitteriS

Space 776 is excited to present HOLY FAME – a group exhibition that delves into the intricate and often paradoxical relation between devotion, celebrity, and society.

The concept of the HOLY isn’t exclusively tied to spiritual or religious devotions. There are numerous secular constructs that we might consider as HOLY in the metaphorical sense; our environment, our rights as human beings, our education, the Arts and our culture, our society’s scientific progress, community, and collective ideals such as justice, equality, and freedom. There will always be mysteries that will keep us unfulfilled, but accepting what we don’t know perhaps frees us to aim at and find that which is true. There are ideas worthy of devotion and those that are not. Our artists, in this exhibit, examine these choices. 

In an era where FAME and celebrity hold an unprecedented sway over our collective imagination, this exhibition invites the viewer to contemplate the blurred boundaries between the secular and the sacred, our fanaticism and fascination with the famous, and the impact of these fractured devotions on our spiritual and societal values. As the internet divides the larger population (with fewer news sources) into smaller clans with opposing world views what does it take to rise above the division and an idea be galvanized by a whole society not just as spectacle, but also for some good? Because, unfortunately, we humans don’t just find the “good” fascinating, we also seem to elevate the darker sides of humanity. 

HOLY FAME is a reflection of these two ideals, sometimes in harmony and other times in conflict…